Medical Grade Non-contact Talking Thermometer

by GuideLights And Gadgets

Talking non-contact, medical grade thermometer. Speaks in a clear female American voice. Easy to use. Please read below for the entire product description.


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    If you’re in search of a non-contact thermometer that provides high-quality voice prompts, accurate readings, and ease of use, you just found it. These are sold to hospitals and Durable Medical Equipment providers.

    This thermometer looks a lot like a water gun and includes four buttons, as well as a trigger used to take your temperature. Just point the thermometer at your forehead, hold it an inch or two away, then pull the trigger. within one second you receive your measurement in a clear American female voice.

    Other accessible features include the ability to take your temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, a mode to take the air temperature, and a ten-second auto-shutoff, so there’s no need to worry about powering off the unit. Requires two double A batteries, not included. Also includes a ten-minute downloadable walk-through and demonstration by Lisa Salinger.

    There is a memory feature which is inaccessible without sighted assistance. Additionally, you can change the thermometer to Spanish for readings, but we recommend sighted assistance to set this up, as without being able to see the screen when changing the language, it’s not totally reliable to switch languages independently.

    Please activate this link to learn more and listen to a sample of the thermometer in action.

    We think you’ll be incredibly pleased with this device. Thanks for your interest!

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