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This item will be released on October 31, 2020.

Discover all the fun you can have with an Amazon Fire tablet. Use it to accessibly read Kindle and Audible books, listen to music, talk with Alexa, browse the internet, check email, and so much more. This comprehensive audio documentation created from a blindness perspective provides extensive demonstrations and helpful guidance. Please read below for the full product description.


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If you're a fan of purchasing your books, music and other products from Amazon, then you may know that one way to easily access all of that content is via an Amazon Fire tablet. These sleek and powerful tablets not only allow you to read Kindle and Audible books, listen to Amazon music and make purchases, but the later generations also include Alexa as a built-in service. Even better, the Fire tablets are completely accessible straight out of the box, and can be set up, configured and utilized without sighted assistance.

In this comprehensive audio documentation, Kim discusses which Fire tablets you may wish to consider purchasing, and which may be less desirable. You'll learn about tablet orientation (this differs a bit depending on which model you purchase), listen to a first time startup, learn about the screen layout, and discover how to quickly configure the settings that are important to you, including the extensive accessibility settings. Learn how to read books, listen to music, shop for items, use the Fire tablets' Silk browser to explore on the internet, configure and check your mail, check your weather, and, of course, use the built-in Alexa features to make tasks all the more simple and fun.

The full syllabus for this tutorial will be available soon. We expect it to include about six hours of audio content. It is available for pre-order right now, and you won't be charged until the product is released. By pre-ordering now, you'll be the first to receive your Fire tablet tutorial. Thanks for your interest.

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