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Are you seeking an audio tutorial currently not offered by Mystic Access? This product allows you to have a personalized tutorial created especially for you with your specific requirements and desires at the forefront.


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Are you interested in an audio tutorial currently not offered by Mystic Access? Do you enjoy our teaching style, and would like to have something created especially for you?


Mystic Access is pleased to introduce our personalized audio tutorial service. These audio tutorials provide the same high-quality instruction you’ve come to expect from us, but are created specifically to meet your own unique learning needs. Here’s how the tutorial creation process works:

  • Using the Add to Cart button below, you will supply Mystic Access with a $75 deposit on the tutorial.
  • Upon receiving your order, we will contact you to set up a phone or Zoom appointment to discuss your desires for your tutorial. Please note that if you are requesting a tutorial on a product to which we don’t have access or with which we are unfamiliar, we will either include the price of said product in the cost of your tutorial creation, or, if this isn’t satisfactory for you, we will refund your deposit fee.
  • Based on our thorough discussion during our call, we will provide you with a quote regarding your final cost for the tutorial. This is based on our best estimate, and may change slightly as we begin creating your audio tutorial, but should be close to your final total.
  • Depending on the length and complexity of the subject matter, and whether or not we need to learn to use the product first ourselves (please see above), it may take us several weeks to create your tutorial. You are welcome to email us any time during the creation process with any questions you may have. We will keep you informed regularly via email regarding our progress, the length of the tutorial as it’s being created, etc.
  • When the tutorial is completed, we’ll send you the final total (minus your $75 deposit) along with thorough details on what constitutes that final price. Once we receive your payment, we will send you your completed tutorial in MP3 format via email, in a .zip file. Please note that if you request that your tutorial be formatted in Daisy, we’re happy to do this for you at a slightly increased cost. If you desire to receive your tutorial on an SD card, thumb drive or data disc(s), we will be happy to mail it out to you at a minimal additional shippping and handling fee.
  • Listen, learn, and enjoy!


Honor your unique learning needs by allowing us to create an audio tutorial especially for you. We understand that this product is an investment in yourself, so if you have any questions prior to making your deposit, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Important Note

By purchasing this service, you give Mystic Access full permission to utilize, edit and otherwise revise any materials that we create for you to be used as part of commercial products that we may choose to create. However, your personalized tutorial will never be used in whole as a commercial product… it is, as stated above, created especially for you, and taylored to your unique learning needs and desires.

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