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Listen to books, documents, podcasts, and audio using the compact Evo 12 DAISY media player. It includes stereo speakers, six high-quality text-to-speech voices, the ability to create audio memos and reminders, Internet and FM radio, and more. Read below for additional info.


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Note: This is a customer returned product. We have tested to make sure there is nothing wrong with the device.
The Evo 12 DAISY media player is simple to use with tactile controls, a cursor cross for ease of navigation, and a full keypad for text entry. The main menu allows you to discover the Evo’s rich set of features.

Listen to your MP3 music, non-protected audio books, Bookshare materials, and other DAISY text books with high quality Ivona, Nuance and Acapela text to speech voices. The player includes 16GB of built in storage for your books, old time radio shows, audio dramas, music, and other audio. additional storage is available by using an SD card or connecting a thumb drive using the included short USBC cable.

Included is an integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery. The player runs for about 10 hours per charge, and takes around 5 hours to charge completely. The battery is not user replaceable.

This player has built in WIFI used to stream internet radio and listen to podcasts. It also has a built in FM radio that announces the frequency when navigating between stations. A full telescoping antenna makes tuning in your favorite station a breeze.

The player contains several high-quality voices; Ivona (Sally and Joey), Nuance (Susan and Tom), Acapela, (Tracy and Ryan), and even the eSpeak voice, to guide you through its use, as well as for reading Bookshare books, text files, ePub documents, and PDF files.

Because of its stereo speakers, this is a great player for listening to non-protected DAISY 2.0 and 3.0 audio and text books. Please Note: you cannot download or listen to NLS BARD or Audible books using the Evo 12.

Other functions of the Evo include: Alarm, voice reminder, voice memo, talking compass, talking timer, and Music playback with equalizer.

The player includes 16GB of internal storage and can also access files via a full-sized SD card, or a micro SD card in an adaptor.

Included in the package is the Evo 12, A USBC cable for charging, a short USB cable for connecting thumb drives, a lanyard, and headphones. Note that audio documentation will be coming soon and will immediately be provided to anyone who purchases the Evo 12 as soon as it’s completed.

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