Audio Tutorial for the TWBlue Twitter Client

This comprehensive audio tutorial shows you the features and functions of this fully accessible Twitter client. Learn everything from setting it up, to liking, following and of course, tweeting, with the support of the guidance in this tutorial.


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    Introducing The Mystic Access TWBlue Audio Tutorial

    If you’re new to Twitter, or new to this versatile Windows program, our TWBlue tutorial is here to ease the transition. Learn Twitter’s vocabulary, navigate through information with ease, and use Twitter to catch up with friends, read news stories of interest, and so much more. If you’re daunted by information overload and don’t know how or where to start, this tutorial is here to provide the helping hand you need.

    In this audio tutorial, (which is approximately two hours long, you will:

    • Learn how to get Twitter and TWBlue to work seamlessly with one another.
    • Discover a few basic settings to get you started while hanging on to your sanity.
    • Find out about the place where most of the information you need is conveniently organized.
    • Navigate the helpful features of the Application Menu.
    • Master the ability to send tweets, direct messages, and many other fun and helpful features.
    • Increase your knowledge of user and buffer menus to customize your experience.
    • Determine if the invisible interface is the key to unlock your Twitter super powers.
    • Receive tips about where to find additional help and resources.

    Please Note:

    TWBlue is available as a program that runs on all currently available versions of Windows.

    Your investment for the TWBlue audio tutorial is $24.97. A significant portion of all tutorial sales will be donated to the developer to support his / her future work.

    Please click on the player below to listen to a sample of the TWBlue audio tutorial

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