6FT Nylon Braided Lightning Cable, Pack of Three

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Three-pack of braided nylon 6FT lightning cables. Please read below for the full product description.

$19.00 $17.10

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If you're always needing to charge your iDevice and don't have a lightning cable handy, or your current cable is a cheap knock-off that gives you the annoying, “this accessory may not be supported” error message, we have a solution. Here's a three-pack of six foot braided nylon cables, so you can keep one where you charge most often, put one in your purse or suitcase for using while out and about, and still have a third one for wherever you want to keep it.

These cables are durable, and are covered with braided-nylon jackets. Polished aluminum alloy housing not only pairs perfectly with your iPhone and iPad, but also protects against physical stresses. HIGH-SPEED CHARGING: Ensures a maximum charging speed up to 2.1A, charges faster than most standard cables and works better for speed. HIGH QUALITY: Tested to withstand 8000+ bend cycles, this cable is highly resistant to splitting and breakage. more durable than standard Phone charger cords.

You'll receive a pack of three 6 foot lightning cables with your purchase. Thanks for your interest!

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