Updates for Podcasts 24 and 36.

Updates for Podcasts 24 and 36.

In episode 37, I update on two podcasts I recently recorded. These are episode 24 Neato Robotics Vacuum and episode 36 comfort zone cz310r 9 inch twin window fan. I discuss my experience in updating the firmware of the vacuum and how the remote for the fan came apart after being knocked off of the desk.

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  1. This is an older podcast, but wondered if they had any release notes wih that firmware? Have you updated it since? Are there newer models of the Nitos with more capabilities?

    1. I ended up having to give the Neato away. For some reason when it ran, the dog didn’t like it. Ended up going with the iRobot Roomba vacuum. He didn’t mind the Roomba. The Neato made him wine. There are now wifi enabled Neato vacuums that you can even voice control with Alexa. Not sure how accessible the app is for the Neato.

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