Tactile overlays for your home appliances

Tactile overlays for your home appliances

Chris Kim and Lisa speak with Anne DeWitte of Tangible Surface Research.  She tells us about her tactile icons and overlays for your home appliances.

We also had a discussion about other ways to utilize her products.  Click here to browse her Etsy shop.


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  1. Hello Chris, Kim and Lisa. I just started listening to your podcast, and have really enjoyed what I’ve heard so far. Thanks for the interview with Anne DeWitte. It got me thinking a bit about the new washer and dryer in my apartment complex. They’re both Samsung units, and are very high-tech. Fortunately for someone like me who cannot see, they have tactile buttons and dials instead of flat screens. The machines are also pretty much laid out the same. However, the settings wrap around in a loop and there is no way for me to tell which setting I am on. These machines have bells and whistles, but they don’t differentiate between settings. So I recently took my Braille label maker downstairs that I picked up while at my parents’ place for Thanksgiving. One of my now former tutors, who is fully sighted, helped me label some of the buttons. Another tutor who works with me suggested a week ago that I just press the power button and then the start button, so that I wouldn’t have to mess with all the settings. Yes these machines both have a power button, which I’d never heard of before on a washer or dryer. But even that might not be good enough, because the other tenants here sometimes do their laundry with different settings. Tomorrow is my designated laundry day, and the neighbor friend across the hall was talking about going down with me to make sure the machines are set correctly for my laundry. So I’m definitely paying Anne a visit at her website. Thank you again and keep up the great work.

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