Seek and Ye Shall Find

Seek and Ye Shall Find

This time, Chris is away on business, so Kim and Lisa host an all-ladies edition of the podcast. They discuss the upcoming event: Discovering Terrific TV Content for Less — Cutting The cord with Blindness or Low Vision. They also chat about an upcoming free class: Seek and Ye Shall Find, which helps you gain the skills you need to perform effective online searches. To learn more about our free virtual events,and sign up to receive all relevant info, please visit the Events page.

Lisa demos an external cD drive for both Windows and Mac, and talks about when you might need one.

Kim demonstrates some built-in sound ambiances in the Google Home products, and the Sleep Sounds Alexa skill, which provides sounds for a variety of situations.

We close out the podcast by reminding listeners about two fun new ways to listen to us… our podcast by phone number, and our automated phone product / service catalog. We hope you'll get a lot of enjoyment and benefit from these listening methods.

Thanks for listening!
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