My Google Home Mini Will Drown

My Google Home Mini Will Drown

In this episode we begin by announcing the redesign of the Mystic Access Shop page. We also talk about the removal of the search boxes on both the Shop and Free Downloads pages as we have made the site wide search more intuitive.
We briefly talk about the new able player we are using for streaming downloads and product samples.
We share some follow-up tips from recent episodes.
Lisa talks about the ability to add something to your Instacart cart and it will remain in your cart so you can purchase it later.
Lisa talks about The Follow-up mode recently introduced in the Amazon echo products.
Speaking of Amazon Echo and Google Home, Chris talks about two speaker holders that can assist in hanging your Second Generation Echo Dot and Google Home mini directly on an outlet. This keeps them out of the way for use in the kitchen.
Lisa talks about a unique product called the Tap. This will allow you to type on any surface.

Kim gives us part two of the Mystic Access web site tour. You can download or stream the entire tour from here.

Finally we round out this podcast by mentioning our news article regarding the recently discovered issue with the Victor Reader Stream and some podcasts including the Mystic Access Podcast. This is where customers can't subscribe to the podcast, or if you are already subscribed, you may not be receiving the latest episodes. If you have friends that aren't receiving our podcast, please pass this information to them.

Thanks so much for being a podcast listener.

Please note that this is a Mystic Access Amazon affiliate link, so if you purchase from this link, we’ll receive a small commission, and you'll receive our gratitude. We exclusively recommend items we’ve successfully and joyfully used ourselves, or which have been recommended to us by deeply trusted sources.

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    1. Hi Darlene,
      The link is in the above show notes. I’m pasting it here for your convenience. JAWS announces it as a mouseover.
      Note: this directs you to our affiliate link.
      Thanks, and enjoy.

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