Kim Gets Misty And Alexa Shows Us The Way

Kim Gets Misty And Alexa Shows Us The Way

In this episode Chris begins by talking about the QCast podcatcher, how you can no longer listen to the Mystic Access podcast feed. He gives suggestions such as the Accessible Podcatcher to continue listening on a Windows computer.

Kim and Lisa announce two upcoming teleclasses.
On August 31, Lisa will be conducting a class comparing the VarioUltra and Orbit Reader 20. Lisa reminds us of the Free Downloads page where you can download free goodies.

Kim announces her Your Web Site Your Way class. This class starts on September 6 and lasts for 6 weeks. You can view more details and purchase the class below:

Next Kim shows us the Pop Sonic Personal Rechargeable Cooling Mister she purchased from QVC that can assist in keeping you cool during the hot days of summer.

Finally Chris and Kim unbox the Amazon Echo Show (an Echo with a screen.) They enable Amazon’s screen reader VoiceView and set it up without sighted assistance. They explore the show to see how it works with VoiceView.

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