Hibermate Sleep Headphones & Sleeping Mask

Hibermate Sleep Headphones & Sleeping Mask

In this episode Chris and Kim thank those that took the time to stop by the Humanware booth at ACB to meet with Chris.  Kim also talks about the success of her three classes she held on the 4th of July weekend and makes an announcement.


Kim then talks about her new Affiliate Link Hibermate Sleep Headphones with Sleeping Mask.  She gives her first impressions.


Chris closes out the podcast with a discussion of the BackTpack© he purchased from Blind Alive at the convention.

Please note that this is a Mystic Access Amazon affiliate link, so if you purchase from this link, we’ll receive a small commission, and you'll receive our gratitude. We exclusively recommend items we’ve successfully and joyfully used ourselves, or which have been recommended to us by deeply trusted sources.

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