He Will Live On In Some Form Of Audio Recording

He Will Live On In Some Form Of Audio Recording

In this episode Chris first says farewell to Oreo, his Labrador mix that passed away on the 10th of January. This podcast episode is dedicated to his memory.

Lisa talks about the iFox IFD8 Bluetooth speaker that we offer. She talks about why she likes it and how easy it is to use even though it has no buttons.

Chris sets up his echo buttons using the Amazon Echo, Chris Kim and Lisa have fun demonstrating the buttons.

Lisa tells us about two products she uses during the winter months. Yaktrax and Earbags. Yaktrax assists Lisa from falling on the ice and EarBags keeps Lisas Ears warm. The nice thing about EarBags is Lisa can still hear when using them.

Kim rounds out the podcast by demonstrating her Pop Sonic Leaflet she received for Christmas. The leaflet is another Kims' beauty secret product like she demonstrated in a previous podcast.

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