Demonstrating the Amazon Tap

Demonstrating the Amazon Tap

In this episode Chris demonstrates the new Amazon Tap.  The Amazon Tap is a Bluetooth and WIFI enabled speaker.  The Tap uses the Alexa voice service and can do the same things that can be done with the original Amazon Echo.    You can listen to music, use Alexa skills,  and read Audible books.  Chris and Kim touch on the Echo Dot as well as discuss the relevance of the Mystic Access Echo Tutorial with the introduction of these new devices.



2 comments on “Demonstrating the Amazon Tap

  1. well the touch is nice and would have it place for sure but why not give it AC power as well and when it was on AC power you could have voice activation. Iwould assume there is acharging port that would hook to the wall socket any how? Now what I would be very interested in would be the Amazon Echo Dot. I would like hear it hooked to a speaker system that might be hooked to a mixer board so you could control which speakers it came out of thru out your house. For example: you could have the Dot hooked to your mixer and your speakers hooked to the mixer and control what zones it played in or the whole house including maybe outside speakers as well. I can see this pared with the Amazon Echo remote. To me the Dot sounds very interesting . So do you plan on doing a demo of the dot hooked up ?

    1. You can put the Tap on the charger, but you still can’t speak to it without hitting the button. Also you cannot connect an echo remote to it. We plan on doing a Dot podcast when it arrives sometime in May.

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