A Glorified Swamp Cooler

A Glorified Swamp Cooler

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We start the podcast by welcoming you to summer in the northern hemisphere. With summer brings the NFB and ACB national conventions. Mystic Access is pleased to offer sales on our products and services. The sales run from June 28, 2018 through July 10, 2018. Tutorials are 15% off, Training is 10% off and hardware such as Bluetooth speakers and our transmitter is 5% off. Click here to enter the shop.

Lisa can’t wait to tell us about Experiencing The Productivity, Entertainment and Fun of iOS. This is a series of six modules to teach and explore iOS and Voiceover. Each module is $15.00, and you can enjoy significant savings when you register for three or more modules.

Lisa demonstrates the Fixget Memory Card Reader. (affiliate link) This is a device that allows you to copy files to and from iOS and Android devices using standard SD cards and micro SD cards. Lisa demos it using her iPhone.

Kim rounds out the podcast by demonstrating the Fitfirst Personal Space Air Cooler, 3 in 1 USB Mini Portable Air Conditioner, Humidifier, Purifier. (Affiliate link) This is a small USB powered personal air conditioning unit.

This is an Amazon affiliate link. If you purchase this product we may receive a small commission.

Thanks for listening to the podcast and have a great summer.

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