Coffee And Keyboards Don’t Mix

In this episode Chris and Kim remind listeners about the upcoming class on the 24th of June. They then discuss an accident Kim had with her mechanical gaming keyboard. They then discuss and demonstrate a sound bar for the computer…

It Was So Dead It Couldn’t Ding

Welcome to another episode. We’re actually ahead of the eight ball this month, as we’re happy to announce June’s free class already. This one is about travel and leisure in the time of, hopefully, heading towards post Covid. What do…

Probably A Blurry Photo

Chris and Kim dedicate this episode to the SuperSense app for iOS and Android. They demonstrate how it works and then are joined in the castle by Shane Lowe the Community Operations manager. They had a blast hanging in the…

A Crowded Castle

In this episode Chris and Kim first announce May’s free event. They then share their Covid19 vaccination experiences. Finally, they devote the remainder of the episode revealing the surprise they hinted about in the last couple of episodes. Enjoy!

Turn Off Speech

In this episode Chris and Kim have a discussion about Braille displays. They talk about the ones they are currently using and why they chose them.