A Crowded Castle

In this episode Chris and Kim first announce May’s free event. They then share their Covid19 vaccination experiences. Finally, they devote the remainder of the episode revealing the surprise they hinted about in the last couple of episodes. Enjoy!

Turn Off Speech

In this episode Chris and Kim have a discussion about Braille displays. They talk about the ones they are currently using and why they chose them.

Modifier Confusion

In this episode Chris and Kim speak with Andrew Flatters and Peter Tucic of Humanware. We discuss the Brailliant 20X and 40X braille displays. They briefly mention HW Buddy for iOS and Android.

No Pressure

Welcome to another episode, including a very insightful Castle segment. First, though, we discuss two timely upcoming events, including a question and answer session on the Evo E10 media player, and our free monthly March event, which is covering all…

Before It Gets Cold

In this short episode of the Mystic Access podcast, Chris updates us on his Freshly experience.