The Mystic Access Podcast

The Mystic Place Blog and Podcast was initially founded by Chris Nova in November 2007. The podcasts created focused on assistive technology, product accessibility, and taking the intimidation factor out of learning to use your technology.

In April 2013, when Mystic Access was officially founded as a company, the podcast name was changed to reflect the new branding. In the ensuing years, the podcast has grown exponentially (we now receive well over 4000 downloads a month), and co-hosts Kim Loftis and Lisa Salinger have joined the team to add their talents and banter to the mix.

In 2016, we entered into a partnership with Humanware to create the thirteen hour BrailleNote Touch audio tutorial that is included with every unit sold.

Our podcast continues to specialize in providing the tools for those who are blind and visually impaired to become empowered to maximize the uses of their access technology. Our goal is to make learning your assistive technology informative and fun, while minimizing your overwhelm and stress. We are totally blind assistive technology users ourselves, and therefore understand the frustrations and hurtles that occasionally need to be surmounted in order to successfully learn your technology.

Please note that due to the passing of time, developments in technology, businesses changing or shutting down and other factors beyond the control of Mystic Access, some podcast episodes, or content found within individual episodes is no longer relevant and / or applicable. We’ve kept these episodes available for archival purposes. After all, it’s fun to see where we’ve been technologically, as well as to discover where we’re going.

Other Ways to Listen to The Mystic Access Podcast

In addition to listening here on our site, there are a number of other ways in which you may choose to enjoy our podcast.

  • Via the Hims Blaze EZ and ET DAISY players, as well as the Humanware Second Generation Victor Reader Stream. Just search for Mystic Access.
  • Via your favorite pod catcher on iOS, Android or Fire OS.
  • Via your Google Home or Alexa virtual assistants. Just ask to “Play the Mystic access podcast.”
  • Via phone. Our latest five episodes are available for listening at any time. Please call (701) 801-8527.
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