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Welcome to our Mystic Access News page. Here, you will discover our current and upcoming events, promotions and product updates. News stories are paginated, and the title of each story is indicated by a heading. Relevant news categories are above each news story. There are five news stories per page.

Updates to The Mystic Access Privacy Policy

By Kim Loftis  /  May 24, 2018
Hi, Everyone, Just a quick note... We are so grateful to have you as part of our community. We are...
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Registration Extended for our Accessible Cord Cutting Event… Join Through Sunday, April 29

By Kim Loftis  /  April 26, 2018
Hi, Everyone, Want to kill your cable bill while still accessing the programs you want accessibly and affordably? Registration remains...
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Our Apologies! — Kim's Birthday Sale Extended, Plus, New Ways to Enjoy Mystic access Content, and More Great News

By Kim Loftis  /  April 10, 2018
Hi, Everyone, We're re-sending this newsletter because our website technology was not kind to us on Kim's Birthday, causing some...
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Extremely Important Announcement for Those Who Listen to our Podcast Using a Second Generation Victor Stream

By Kim Loftis  /  March 12, 2018
Hi, Everyone, It has been brought to our attention that some of you who listen to the Mystic Access podcast...
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It's About to Be Somebody's Birthday! / Site Maintenance Completed

By Kim Loftis  /  January 24, 2018
Hi, Everyone, Just a quick note to share two announcements with you. First, our website maintenance is now completed... we...
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