Fandays 2011 report

Fandays 2011 report

On the weekend of October 7th through the 10th I attended Star Wars Fandays in Irving Texas.

The first day I flew down and settled into my hotel.

The fun didn’t really start until Saturday, October 8. I took a cab from my hotel to the convention center. I met a nice man named Steve and his two sons. He assisted me to the exhibit hall where I walked from booth to booth asking exhibitors what they had. I found a Superman toy. The cape was made of rubber. The toy was inexpensive so I purchased it. I also purchased a Superman golf ball. The person selling the toys took his time and let me touch everything. His name is John. Unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of his company.

I then proceded to find the ForceCast booth where I listened to the live recording for this weekends weekly ForceCast show. I met Jimmy Mac, he is one of the hosts. Jason wasn’t able to attend this year. I would’ve liked to meet him too.

After the ForceCast recording I made my way to the clone wars panel. This is where we had a question and answer session with some of the voice actors for the clone wars cartoon. Tom Kane, Ashley Eckstein, Catherine Taber, Stephen Stanton and Meredith Salenger. This was fun and we got to hear them do their voices, a child made the request.

After the Clone Wars Q and A I went to another with Billy D. Williams. We were allowed to record and have permission to post it. I will post the audio recording at a later time. After that fun filled day I returned to my hotel to rest so I could begin again the next day.

Sunday October 9 was also great. I arrived and went to the volunteer booth where I asked if someone could walk around the convention with me. First we went to the exhibit hall where I was able to get autographs. I had Timothy Zahn sign my audio book of Heir to the Empire: The 20th Anniversary Edition. He surprised me by saying he had never seen the audio edition before. He was supposed to get one but they never sent him one and I reminded him to ask for his copy. I also got an autograph from Peter Mayhew aka Chewbacca and Tom Kane aka the voice of Yoda in the clone wars.
I attended two panels, one by Aaron Allston where I learned he is legally blind and the other by Timothy Zahn. They discussed tips and tricks on writing fantasy and fiction. After the panels there was a room where you were shown how to create r2d2 another room had storm trooper armor. There was a bird feeder in the shape of r2d2 that someone created. Speaking of r2d2, there was a guy that had a life size remote controlled R2D2 that he had following him around. In another room there was a life size Han Solo frozen in carbonite. The Han Solo was a movie replica It even had the flashing lights on the side. They signified the life support that was keeping Han Solo alive for his trip to Jabba the Hutt.

I also stopped and had conversations with Aaron Allston, Tom Kane, Ben Burtt, Stephen Stanton, Meredith Salenger and Ashley Eckstein. Ashley did her (Ahsoka Tano) voice for me.
To sum it up I had a fantastic time.

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