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Website Questions

In addition to listening here on our site, there are a number of other ways in which you may choose to enjoy our podcast.:

  • Via the Hims Blaze EZ and ET DAISY players, as well as the Humanware Second Generation Victor Reader Stream. Just search for Mystic Access.
  • Via your favorite pod catcher on iOS, Android or Fire OS.
  • Via your Google Home or Alexa virtual assistants. Just ask to “Play the Mystic access podcast.”


Thanks for being a podcast listener!

If he / she has a DAISY player such as the Blaze ET / EZ, or the Victor Reader Stream New Generation, the online podcast function of those players can be used to subscribe to and download our podcasts.

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Generally when you call or email us, somebody will get back to you within one business day whenever possible. Sometimes, though, things happen and we just can't return your call or email as quickly as we'd like. Please be patient with us, and if you don't hear anything back from us within a few business days, please get in touch with us again.

Also, please be aware of holidays, weekends, life emergencies, and the fact that sometimes things get lost in the ether.

Rest assured that we care about your calls and emails, and will do our best to get in touch promptly whenever possible.

Thanks so much for your interest in gifting to us. There are several ways you can do so:

  • If you're making a purchase on our website, there is an option to gift in any amount during checkout.
  • If you call us to place your order, we can process your additional financial gift over the phone.
  • We also have a category in our shop devoted to ways to gift to us. There, you may gift from among pre-selected amounts, make a recurring gift, or gift in any amount of your choosing.

Your financial gifts to mystic Access are not tax deductible.

All gifts go straight back into the business. We use your financial gifts to pay for site and podcast hosting, audio equipment for our recordings, assistive technology which we review on the podcast, and related items.

We sincerely appreciate your financial gifts, and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.

Absolutely. We offer lots of methods in which you can get to know us at no financial cost to you. In addition to our free, bi-weekly podcast, we also offer a free monthly event which you can attend from the comfort of your own space. we also provide hours of free audio downloads for your enjoyment.

finally, you can keep up with all things Mystic Access by subscribing to our News and Events mailing lists. The News list provides you with product updates, info on our events and exclusive discounts and sales. The Events list is specifically for those interested in learning about our virtual events. We provide occasional exclusive discounts for members of our Events list.

Sign up for our lists on any page of our site, or get in touch with us for assistance subscribing.

Yes, we offer regular sales, and often provide exclusive discounts for our News list subscribers. You can subscribe to our News and Events mailing lists from any page of our website, or we can help you to get signed up if you need assistance.

the best way to learn about our public sales, if you aren't a News list subscriber, is to frequently check our News page for details. If we offer a public sale,you'll find out about it there.

A product marked as “Pay Your Own Price” allows the customer to specify the price they would be willing to pay for that product.
All products have a minimum price that the customer will pay. You can either select a price from within an edit combo box by using up and down arrow, or type in your own price. For example, if you want to pay $6.35, just type 6.35.

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