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Questions About Purchased Items

First, make sure that you have thoroughly reviewed our audio tutorial on your product, to be certain that you are using the product in the most efficient manner possible. Sometimes, the sequence of steps to get a piece of hardware up and running is very important, so you may wish to pay special attention to steps taken in the tutorial.

If listening to the tutorial doesn't solve your problem, please get in touch with us and we will try our best to assist you. Also, please make sure that you have reviewed our Terms of Service page, as well.

You can download your tutorials up to 3 (three) times. These copies are for your personal use only. This way if you lose your copy or the thumb drive you put it on dies, etc, you have two more opportunities to access your downloads. If you need your downloads again after they have expired (after three successful downloads of any tutorial you purchased) then please contact us. We will reset your downloads at our discretion.

Refunds are not offered on our digital products. We make every effort to showcase the quality of our audio production and content in the detailed site copy and audio samples that we provide. we also have multiple free downloads and podcasts available for download which, we feel, demonstrate the quality of our work. Please review our Terms of Service page for more information on our refund policies.

First, make sure you have reviewed the tutorial completely. In other words, listen to the full tutorial from beginning to end at least once, and perhaps a second time while taking notes. It's easy to miss items of interest, particularly in such detailed tutorials.

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask us! We'd be happy to try to answer, and if the opportunity arises to update the tutorial, (IE, new features are introduced which would require an update to the tutorial), we may use the answer to your question to further enhance the tutorial as a whole.

If you have in depth questions, or would like one-on-one instruction, please check out our training offerings. Thanks for helping to make our products even better with your questions and overall feedback!

If you plan on playing your tutorial on an iDevice or Android device using the Voice Dream Reader application, the easiest way is to download the DAISY, leave the tutorial zipped, and put it in Dropbox or whatever method you most prefer to transfer your files to Voice Dream Reader.

If your reading method of choice is using a DAISY book reader such as a Stream or Book Port, you'll want to download the DAISY version of your tutorial, unzip it into a folder, and place that unzipped folder into the relevant DAISY folder of your device, such as $VRDTB on the stream.

The easiest way to use the MP3 version of a tutorial is to download it to your computer, unzip it, and use the playlist (M3U) file to navigate.

The difference between the DAISY and MP3 versions is that the DAISY includes the navigation files necessary for proper DAISY playback in relevant devices.

Generally when you call or email us, somebody will get back to you within one business day whenever possible. Sometimes, though, things happen and we just can't return your call or email as quickly as we'd like. Please be patient with us, and if you don't hear anything back from us within a few business days, please get in touch with us again.

Also, please be aware of holidays, weekends, life emergencies, and the fact that sometimes things get lost in the ether.

Rest assured that we care about your calls and emails, and will do our best to get in touch promptly whenever possible.

First, make sure you have reviewed the tutorial completely. In other words, listen to the full tutorial from beginning to end at least once, and perhaps a second time while taking notes. It's easy to miss items of interest, particularly in such detailed tutorials.

Second, you may wish to take advantage of the detailed navigation available in our tutorials. This allows you to really drill down to find the information most relevant / interesting to you at any given time.

Finally, if you have additional questions, comments of suggestions, please get in touch with us, and we'll be happy to help.

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