20 Hidden Gems for Your Amazon Alexa

Want to be able to do even more cool stuff with your Amazon Alexa products? Learn some fun and practical tips and tricks in this free download.

20 Hidden Gems for Your Amazon Alexa

20 Hidden Gems for Your Amazon Alexa

This is an edited teleclass recording which Mystic Access initially conducted on July third, 2016. In it, Kim shares 20 perhaps lesser known, useful, surprising or otherwise interesting ways in which you can use your Alexa products. If you're currently only using Alexa to get your local weather, listen to the news or play Pandora stations, you're missing out on a wealth of goodies with which she can assist you. Learn just a few of those goodies in this fun and informative download.

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Want to learn more about Alexa? We offer a comprehensive audio tutorial available here.

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