Becky! Internet Email Client ver 2.64.06 Released

Becky! Internet Email Client ver 2.64.06 Released

Ver.2.64.05 -> Ver.2.64.06 (2012/1/7) – BUGFIX: There was no scroll bars on “Reply to Selected Addresses” dialog. – BUGFIX: Occasionally abnormally terminated by having Drafts, Trash, and/or Sent online in IMAP settings. – BUGFIX: Occasionally abnormally terminated when opening a message with some winmail.dat attachments. – BUGFIX: When Query Results folder was moved to another mailbox, it disappeared. – BUGFIX: When a folder referred by a query folder was deleted, the program was abnormally terminated. – BUGFIX: The option that prevents deleting Flagged/Priority/Task message did not work with query folder when moving messages to another folder. – BUGFIX: Occasionally, memo files were not deleted after the messages that own the memo were deleted. – When reediting or drag & drop from Draft to Outbox, color label will be kept. Downloads:

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