Livedrive online backup service

Livedrive online backup service

For a month or so I have been using livedrive as an online backup and storage solution. It has a simple backup component that can backup your computers or network storage devices. It also has a briefcase option. The briefcase is online storage that you can use to synk files with all computers just by saving the file to an additional drive letter they assign. Copy your media to the briefcase. You can then stream your media from the internet or any of your connected computers. With the briefcase option, you can also share large files just by right clicking the file and select share.

In order to restore a backed up file or folder, you download a client, either Windows or mac. Once you run the client you are presented with a list of all computers attached to your account. Clicking with the mouse on any of the computers changes the files and folders to those selected for backup on the backed up computer. By default the current computer is selected. It is then possible to restore a file from the current computer or another computer.
The client is accessible however it does require some use of the mouse to locate your files and then restore. You can also restore an entire folder just by locating the folder and right clicking, then select restore. Using the restore client you can also check the status of backed up files on any of your computers.

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