Becky! Internet Email Ver 2.65 Released

Becky! Internet Email Ver 2.65 Released

Here are the changes in the latest version of Becky Internet email.

Ver.2.64.06 -> Ver.2.65 (2013/4/16)
– CardDAV is now supported. You can refer and update Gmail’s contact from
Becky!’s address book.
– “Notify” option is added to Query dialog, which notifies the user that
either Query is finished or a first item is found when doing Query
– With Windows8’s touchscreen interface, multiple mail items can be
highlighted by touching the icon part of the mail list.
– Added an option to either move the delete-marked messages (that are
deleted on the offline IMAP4 folder) to Trash or permanently delete
when the IMAP4 account becomes online.
– “Reorganize” will use the delivered date to sort messages when Date
header is missing.
– Font size of tree/list view now can be configured in “General Setup” >
“Tree/List” > “Size%”.
– BUGFIX: When Compose window is open by “Redirect” command, clicking
“Headers” button and OK cleared the From field.
– BUGFIX: When pasting long text without return code did not show the
scroll bar immediately on Compose window.
– BUGFIX: Clearing flags on messages from other IMAP4 client did not sync
Becky!’s IMAP4 folder.
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