Becky Internet Email 2.6.4 is out.

Becky Internet Email 2.6.4 is out.

The latest version of Becky version 2.6.4 is out. You can download Becky from Rimarts directly.
The below text is taken directly from Becky's readme file.

Update History (date format: YYYY/MM/DD)

Ver.2.64 -> Ver.2.64.01 (2012/11/20)
– BUGFIX: Occasionally abnormally teminated when Compose window is open.
– BUGFIX: When multipart messages are attached, subparts was not
displayed correctly in Compose window.
– BUGFIX: When “Domestic Time” option is on, Date field in the header bar
was editable and eventually destroyed the original Date field.

Ver.2.63 -> Ver.2.64 (2012/11/20)

– Uses “Toast” popup when message box notification is on.
– Adjusted some UI components.

– “Tasks” folders can synchronize with the IMAP4 server.(“Mailbox Setup”,
Note that it is done by using ordinary IMAP4 folder, so an unknown
folder that contains unknown mail items will be seen from some other
mail clients.
It is not recommended that you use this feature with Gmail, because it
keeps deleted items in archive and you will see tons of meaningless
items from “All Mail” folder.
– IMAP cache can be kept for specified days. (“General Setup”, “Advanced”)
– Added “Ignore UIDVARIDITY” option. (“Mailbox Setup”, “Receive”). Check
it only when you see frequent reloading on IMAP4 folders.
– Some IMAP4 settngs are moved to “Mailbox Setup”, “Receive” from “Misc.”
– “Send and Receive” and “Receive” command buttons are enabled for IMAP4
account. It will simply connect to IMAP folder and check for new mail,
it will not retrieve messages though.
– Marked deleted messages on offline IMAP4 folders will be moved to Trash
instead of just being deleted when connected to an IMAP4 server.
– Added an option to retrieve online Trash, Drafts and Sent folder
name using “SPECIAL-USE”(RFC6154) or “XLIST”(Gmail) protocol extension.
(“Mailbox Setup”, “Misc.”)

– BUGFIX: Occasional IMAP4 folder reloading happened when recovering from
– BUGFIX: Occasional hang up happened when reading messages with space
key on IMAP4 folders.

[Multiple Languages]
– Added an option to use UTF-8 always for outgoing messages. (“General
Setup”, “Languages”)
– Multiple languages can be used for Signatures and Reply/Forward
templates. (“Mailbox Setup”, “Compose” and “General Setup”, “Citation”)
Note that you need to use UTF-8 to send mixed language e-mail messages.
– MIME headers with mixed character sets will be displayed correctly.

– BUGFIX: Some display problems are fixed regarding multiple languages.
– BUGFIX: There was a problem to input foreign languages in Compose
window with UTF-8 charset.
– BUGFIX: Saving UTF-8 messages to Quick Memo wasn't working correctly.

– Winmail.dat (ms-tnef) attachment will be extracted automatically.
(“General Setup”, “Message View”)
– Spacing between lines in Tree/List view can be configured in “General
Setup”, “Tree/List”.
– On “Compose” window, you can save the current message to a folder and
continue editing. “File” menu, “Save to Folder and continue…(Ctrl+S)”.
– Added an option to always focus to the edit view when Compose window is
– Some Provider templates are available for adding a new mailbox.
(*.provider files. I've prepared only a few. Additions are welcome.)
– When “Open to Edit” is chosen in Reminder. The opened message will be
prompted to be saved to “Draft” instead of “Reminder”.
– When choosing “Open to Edit” in Reminder, you can also specify a
template. (available only for a new message, not for a reply/forward
– When choosing “Weekday” on Reminder, you can choose “Multiple” in the
combobox and choose multiple weekdays.
– You can now previe templates in the template choosing dialog by space
– %v macro symbol is added for templates, which enables to cite any vCard
attributes from the address book.
– You can choose to display “Domestic Time” on the header bar of the
messages view. (click on “Date” label to choose the option.)
– “Date in domestic time” option is added in “File” menu, “Print
– Initial font size can be specified for HTML messages. (“General Setup”,
– When Querying from the root mailbox, “Tasks” folder will be excluded
for avoiding duplicate results.
– “Make it Default mail program” button is added to “General Setup”,
– Executable files are digitally signed.

– BUGFIX: Occasionally unnecessary text part was added when forwarding a
HTML message.
– BUGFIX: Sorting on topic folder under “Tasks” folder made messages

– BKC_OnRequestResource2 callback is defined. It can return bigger
bitmaps for Tree/List views.
You can now provide dpi aware icon plug-ins with this addition.
(Refer _b2icon_256.dll source in PlugInSDK.)

Ver.2.62 -> Ver.2.63 (2012/10/1)
– “IMAP COMPRESS” is supported. (“Mailbox Setup” > “Misc.” > “IMAP
COMPRESS” option)
– “forward.html” file will no longer be attached when HTML message that
is viewed as text is being forwarded.
– BUGFIX: When an attachment file is to be saved, a shortcut to the
folder was overwritten if it was selected.

Ver.2.61.01 -> Ver.2.62 (2012/9/4)
– “format=flowed” message will be displayed correctly.
– “X-MSMail-Priority” header will be omitted when the priority is set due
to avoid spam high score by SpamAssassins.

– BUGFIX: Some dialog boxes didn't show up correctly on Windows8 RP.
– BUGFIX: When HTML message has a message/rfc822 attachment, the message
in the attachment was displayed instead of the original message.
– BUGFIX: In certain environment, empty mail items were created that
caused an index file error.
– BUGFIX: Delivered Date was not correctly parsed for some messages.
– BUGFIX: When doing “Save As” a shortcut file (.lnk) attachment,
original file was to be overwritten.

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