Where the magic is in learning!®


Are you someone who is blind or has low vision and:

  • You are intimidated, frustrated and / or overwhelmed as you try to learn to use your assistive technology?
  • You are tired of limited or poorly constructed documentation, if you have any documentation at all?
  • You are close to giving up because you feel like you're simply failing to learn your assistive technology, and your patience and confidence are suffering?

Please, don't give up! Allow Mystic Access the opportunity to assist you. Our company strives to support and empower blind and visually impaired users of assistive technology through providing comprehensive, professionally-produced audio tutorials and personalized one-on-one and group training opportunities. We wish to make learning and interacting with your assistive technology an enjoyable and magical experience for you, as demonstrated through our tag line (where the magic is in learning), and our fun, non-technical and informal approach to our subject matter.

Are you ready to:

  • feel less stress and greater confidence as you learn to use your DAISY players, screen readers and other assistive technology?
  • have a productive, rewarding and positive learning experience?
  • have totally blind professionals in your corner who understand your struggles from personal experience, and who are ready to assist you in creating tailored methods to surmount every hurtle?

Contact us to begin increasing your empowerment and confidence today. We would be honored to support you on your journey, and we thank you for visiting us.

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